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 Warhound & Warlord

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MessageSujet: Warhound & Warlord   Ven 3 Juil - 19:55



Règles spé:
Agile: In the Shooting phase, this model can choose to either:
- Fire all available weapons.
- Fire a single weapon and then Run.
- Fire no weapons at all and Run twice.

Void Shields:

War hound Titans have two void shields. Reaver Titans have four void shields.

Each hit scored against a Titan will instead hit a void shield (whilst they remain). Close combat attacks come from inside the shield and therefore are not stopped. Void shields have an Armour Value of
12. A glancing or penetrating hit (or any hit from a Destroyer weapon) scored against a
void shield causes it to collapse. After all the void shields have collapsed, further hits
strike the Titan instead. At the end of each of the Titan's turns, roll one dice for each
collapsed void shield: each roll of s+ instantly restores one collapsed shield.

Reactor Mealtdown: If the Reaver Titan suffers a Titanic Explosion! result on the Catastrophic Damage
table, its plasma reactor goes nuclear! All hits from this Titanic Explosion! are resolved
as being from a Destroyer weapon.

Niveaux armes:
Inferno gun: Range Hellstorm S7 AP3 Type Primary Weapon 1
Plasma Blastgun: RAPID Range 72" S8  AP2 Type Primary Weapon 2, Massive Blast
OVERLOAD Range 96" S10 AP2 Tye Primary Weapon 1,
Apocalyptic Blast
Double barrelled turbo laser: Range g6" SD AP2 Type  Primary Weapon 2, Large Blast
Vulcan Mega Bolter: Range 6o" S6 AP3 HEAVY 15

Gatling Blaster: Range72" S8 AP3 Type Primary Weapon 6, Large Blast
Laser Blaster:Range g6" sD AP Type Primary Weapon 3, Large Blast
Melta Cannon: Range 72" S10  AP 1 Type Primary Weapon 1, Apocalyptic
Titan Power Fist: SD, AP1, Melee
Volcanon Cannon: Range 180"SD  AP2 Type Primary Weapon 1, Massive Blast

Apocalypse Missile Launcher: Range 24"-360" S7 AP3 Primary Weapon 5, Apocalyptic Barrage
Vortex Missile: 12"-960" SD AP A Type Primary Weapon 1, Large Blast, Vortex, One use only

Voilà voilà!
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Warhound & Warlord
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